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Hours of Operation
Please note that each clinician has the freedom to create their own schedules. Some clinicians will chose to work outside these operating hours. 

Mon - Fri

8:30 am – 6:00 pm





We are closed most major holidays. Your clinician will inform you if they will be out of the office for holidays and personal time and make the appropriate arrangements with you. 

1495 Remount Rd Ste 3A, North Charleston, SC 29406

Sometimes GPS does not do good with our address. We are in the 4-story brick building behind the Revelation of Christ Church. Our building is near impossible to see from the road because of the large tree out front.


So, in your GPS, search for the "Revelation of Christ Church" on Remount Rd in North Charleston and turn into their fenced parking lot. We are not affiliated with the church; we just share the parking lot. This is the street view of the church and where you'll pull in. 











 Please come to the gravel lot and find a parking spot, come up the brick steps to the main entrance (which is actually the 2nd floor), and up the steps again right inside the door.













There is a small sitting area on the 3rd floor. Please have a have seat and your clinician will come get you when our previous session ends. Please help yourself to water, coffee, and restroom as you wait. 













Thanks to our neighbors around the building, our parking lot is residence to several cats, chickens, and most recently bunnies. Please drive slow in the parking lot, check under your car upon leaving, and watch your step for "land mines".  None of these animals will hurt you, so please do not be afraid of them and please do not bother or harm them. 


Also, please note that this is an old building and it is NOT ADA accessible. We unfortunately do not have an elevator.  If you cannot climb the stairs pictured above for any reason, please let the referral coordinator know when you are scheduling your intake appointment. 





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