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Hello & Welcome to Breathe Life Counseling! 

We're so happy that you're here! 

Please come along with us on this journey!


Making the decision to seek out counseling can be scary and uncomfortable and we applaud you for your courage and trusting our team to begin this journey with you.


We invite you to come exactly as you are, as messy as you may be right now; Come and sit with us. Let us know what is happening and we will do our best to help you reconnect with your own intuitive wisdom & empower you to create your happiness and live a life that you love.




Chances are good, that if you’re here looking at our page, that you are struggling right now. When it rains, it certainly seems to pour and it’s our honor to walk beside you to offer an umbrella. 

Have you found ourselves tired and overwhelmed by the daily demands of life?  Have you lost someone near and dear to you? Are you sick of your brain never slowing down and feeling constantly disorganized? Are you struggling to accept a big diagnosis? Are you trying to find your way off the emotional rollercoaster?

We can you help you with this! 



Each therapist on our team has been hand-picked by our practice owners, Katie Gross & Angie O'Rourke, based on their unique skill set that they bring to the table.  Our therapists use a wide variety of evidence-based techniques to promote holistic wellness of the mind, body and soul to promote a higher self-esteem and personal fulfillment in life.

Katie & Angie have built this practice and trained its clinicians to promote an environment of healing, peace, comfort and personal growth. 



1495 Remount Rd Ste 3A

North Charleston, SC 29406


(843) 882-6880


(843) 892-0394

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