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Hello and Welcome! We're excited & honored that you're considering one of us as your therapist. Please browse our pictures and bios to see who might best meet your needs. If you'd like to schedule an appointment, please reach out to our clinical director for futher information --

Licensed Professional Counselors & Supervisors

Our team of senior clinicians are independently licensed and each have carved out their clinical identity and niche through years of education, training, research, and experience.  We have a passion for teaching, personal and professional growth and above all healing our wounds. 

Licensed Professional Counselor Associates

Our associate counselors have completed their Master's Degree in Counseling and are in a "residency"-like phase of licensure and training. They will meet with their clinical supervisor on a weekly basis over the span of two years to ensure quality care is always provided.  During this time, LPCA's our carving out their own specialities and methods of providing therapy. 

Graduate Interns

Our intern team are completing their Master's Degrees in Counseling and able provide counseling services at a discounted self-pay rate. Our students are under constant supervision by our senior clinicians to ensure quality of care for their clients and develop their own clinical skills. 

Our Billing Rockstarr! 

Behind the scenes, Mandy is working very hard to handle all our billing and financials matters.  Because of her hard work and dedication, our clinicians get to spend more time doing what we're passionate about.  Thank you to our "woman behind the curtain"!! 

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